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Our Customers Say

I have been turned down several times and really was about to give up.  It really does seem to me that not all dealers want to help you and I was matched with one that not only did help but wanted to help.

Bryan Cole

First time buyer as I have always paid cash for cars.  Even with no credit, I was able to get a loan and a nicer car than I could pay cash for.

Will Stivey

I needed a car.  We were desperate.  No car then I can’t work and that leads to a bunch of other issues.  So thankful I found this opportunity and was able to get into a vehicle.

Madalena Sousa

The steps are accurate.  3 step process and as long as everything checks out, you are driving.

Alyssa Mayer

The experience was really easy.  I have recently filed for bankruptcy so I completed the application with not much expectation.  Even I was able to get financed and help establish my credit once again.

Brad Muchowski

Everything was completed in 48 hours which blew me away.  I filled out the application and received a phone call within about 3 hours.  I answered some questions, set an appointment and had a new truck shortly after.  Thank you!

Maria Macklyn

I was very skeptical initially.  We worked with Freddy and he made the loan process really clear which helped.  We love our new mini van.

Angelina Jules



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