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Step 1: Complete THE Application

As soon as your application is completed, our system begins to work.  Within a few minutes, your application will be matched with a LOCAL finance specialist who will take a look at the information provided and work on your behalf to try and get multiple approvals for you from multiple lenders. 

Step 2: Connect with your Finance Specialist

Once you complete your application, a local dealership should be contacting you by phone or email.  This is our partner and who we feel is best equipped to help you get your loan.  It is important to communicate as they might a have a few extra questions that can help with securing your loan approval.

Step 3: Pick out your vehicle

Your loan will be finalized at a local car dealership.  When you arrive for your appointment, your finance specialists will go over the terms of the loan with you and show you cars, trucks and suv’s that make the most sense for your and the lender who will be loaning on the vehicle.


3 simple steps and you’ll be on your way!!  The focus of Complete Car Loans is to simply the process and be as transparent as possible along the way.

Our Customers Say

I have been turned down several times and really was about to give up.  It really does seem to me that not all dealers want to help you and I was matched with one that not only did help but wanted to help.

Bryan Cole

First time buyer as I have always paid cash for cars.  Even with no credit, I was able to get a loan and a nicer car than I could pay cash for.

Will Stivey

I needed a car.  We were desperate.  No car then I can’t work and that leads to a bunch of other issues.  So thankful I found this opportunity and was able to get into a vehicle.

Madalena Sousa

The steps are accurate.  3 step process and as long as everything checks out, you are driving.

Alyssa Mayer

The experience was really easy.  I have recently filed for bankruptcy so I completed the application with not much expectation.  Even I was able to get financed and help establish my credit once again.

Brad Muchowski

Everything was completed in 48 hours which blew me away.  I filled out the application and received a phone call within about 3 hours.  I answered some questions, set an appointment and had a new truck shortly after.  Thank you!

Maria Macklyn

I was very skeptical initially.  We worked with Freddy and he made the loan process really clear which helped.  We love our new mini van.

Angelina Jules



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